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EMDR Intensive

Why Consider Our EMDR Intensive?


Transformative Healing in Just 2 Hours or Dive Deep with 4-5 Consecutive Days Feeling Inadequate? Struggling with Imposter Syndrome?

  • Unravel the layers of self-doubt and discover your inner strength through EMDR Intensive.

  • Address the root causes of inadequacy and imposter syndrome with a focused and personalized approach.

Lost Sense of Self? Feeling Like You Don't Know Who You Are?

  • Rediscover your authentic self and regain a sense of identity through intensive EMDR therapy.

  • Break free from confusion and explore a transformative journey towards self-awareness.

Are You an entrepreneur or Business Owner Seeking Mental Resilience?

  • EMDR Intensive is tailored for individuals navigating the unique challenges of entrepreneurship.

  • Strengthen your mental resilience and cultivate a mindset for success in both life and business.

Recently Experienced a Traumatic Event or Accident?

  • Accelerate your healing process and overcome the impact of recent traumatic events with EMDR Intensive.

  • Restore a sense of safety, control, and emotional well-being.

Key Benefits of Our EMDR Intensive Program:

1. Rapid Trauma Resolution:

  • Experience accelerated healing through targeted EMDR therapy sessions.

2. Personalized Approach:

  • Tailor the intensity and duration of your EMDR experience based on your unique needs and challenges.

3. Entrepreneurial Resilience:

  • Equip yourself with mental resilience tools to thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

4. Reclaim Your Identity:

  • Explore and rediscover your authentic self, breaking free from confusion and uncertainty.

5. Expert EMDR Therapists:

  • Work with experienced therapists dedicated to guiding you through this transformative journey.

6. Online Convenience:

  • Easily schedule and attend your EMDR Intensive sessions from the comfort of your own space and/or in person.

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Ready to Reclaim Your Well-Being?

If you're ready to confront feelings of inadequacy, imposter syndrome, or regain a sense of self after a traumatic event, our EMDR Intensive program is here for you. Whether you choose a 2-hour session for targeted resolution or immerse yourself in a transformative 4-5 consecutive days, take the first step towards transformative healing.


Book your session today and embark on a journey to reclaim your well-being, resilience, and authentic self.

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