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EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing/EMDR, is a highly researched and very effective treatment model used to treat the emotional and physical effects of trauma and PTSD.

Trauma can mean different things to different people. The traumatic events that you experienced might not be like the traumas depicted on TV. Trauma is best defined as anything that was devastating or life changing when it happened, and it still causes an emotional or physical reaction when you think of it now. EMDR is an evidence based model of treatment that can help reduce or eliminate much of the trauma response.

EMDR Sessions

This treatment option is available to clients who have the flexibility in their schedule to commit to weekly appointments. Weekly, 60 minute, EMDR therapy is covered by many health insurance plans, which may reduce your out of pocket expenses. This treatment option allows for ongoing support for clients who want a slower pace working through their trauma.

Adjunctive EMDR

Adjunct EMDR is not a replacement for your primary therapy. Rather, it is a goal specific treatment to help initiate change around an identified memory or intrusive thought. Success of your treatment depends on clearly defined goals for your EMDR therapist, created in collaboration with you and your primary therapist.

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